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Where to Get the Best Price 5,000mg Tincture

So, you’re looking for the best price 5,000mg tincture?

There are a dime a dozen online retailers all claiming to sell CBD tinctures. But how do you know who is legit, who is selling high-quality tinctures, and who’s merely out to scam you?

In this post, we highlight important selection criteria to consider and show you how to find the best deals on the internet.

1. The retailer must provide certificates of analysis (COA)
The CBD industry is still fairly new. This means regulation isn’t quite developed. Because of this, it’s key that the CBD retailer you’re buying from provides you with a detailed certificate of analysis (COA) for the tinctures you’re buying.

Make sure you can see the CBD potency, cannabinoid profile, contaminants, and certificate issue date.

2. Opt for locally-grown organic hemp
You’re going to want hemp that’s grown locally in the United States. Why? It will be easier to trace and check manufacturing practices and hold the company responsible.

Products sourced offshore can be very dangerous as you may not have a clear picture of the conditions under which that hemp was grown, harvested, and packaged.

3. Verify the company’s reputation with the FDA
Has the brand ever received any warning letters from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration?

Reputation is everything in this industry because your health is on the line. Any company that claims to sell the best price 5,000mg tincture must have a clean reputation.

So where can you safely source organic, U.S.-grown, non-GMO 5,000 mg tinctures online?

CBD Botanical Therapy: A retailer that cares
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