I can’t say enough good things about CBD Botanical Therapy, their products or their staff. CBD Botanical Therapy gave me free products to help with my discomfort. I’m now a loyal customer and would recommend them immediately over the numerous CBD companies in the market.  You can’t beat their products, prices, knowledge, or customer service.

~Kim J

My shoulder was killing me. I reached out to CBD Botanical Therapy and they suggested I use their RELIEF cream. Amazing! It allows me to return to activities I used to do (jogging & tennis) and makes just getting through the day much more enjoyable.

~Mary H

Like most people, the years of activity and wear and tear have taken their toll. I received a free bottle of the 3000 mg tincture in 2019 and have been a loyal customer and CBD advocate ever since. After my beautiful wife Elizabeth, my CBD tincture is the 2nd most important thing I bring on vacation! 

~Matt Y

My body has been through high school and college track & football. I started taking the 3000 mg tincture and felt relief in less than two days.  I’ve even had an easier time resting peacefully at night. I can tell you CBD Botanical Therapy’s products are considerably less expensive, easier on my stomach, and the results are much more effective.

~Rick T