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CBD Consumer Product Info


CBD sales took a backseat to other essential purchases when the COVID-19 pandemic grew more urgent during the past year. Even while in the backseat domestic, CBD sales grew 52% across channels in 2020 with total sales tipping just over $4 billion for the year. Projections for 2021 estimate growth of 55% potentially raising the sector’s take to almost $6.3 billion.

As for where 2020’s CBD sales occurred, the dispensary channel captured the lion’s share and ultimately accounted for roughly 33% of the category total. But with 25% of the year’s CBD sales coming from direct-to consumer sales, e-commerce wasn’t far behind. The convenience of direct-to-consumer CBD sales can’t be denied. Plus, there is no added cost for a medical cannabis card or the unnecessary mark-up of opportunistic dispensaries. But as with every consumer goods product, finding the highest quality at an affordable price can be a challenge.

Reasons for CBD Purchases

Research shows 33% of CBD consumers cited anxiety management as their key consumption
driver while 32% cited stress management. Pain relief drives 47% of CBD consumers to the category with a better night’s sleep motivating 39% more. These needs for “improved wellness” are present even without a global pandemic and give good reason to expect CBD’s continued growth as a wellness product or first-aid supplement.

Consumers’ Evolving CBD Needs

As the CBD category has diversified, so too has its typical shopper. And with that evolution, we’ve also seen an evolving set of needs among the consumer base. For instance, consumers who have been with the category for at least two years often gravitate toward products for “stress and anxiety relief” or “improved quality of life.”

Those who have entered the market within the past 3-6 months more often look for targeted
benefits from oral or topical treatments for relief of menopausal symptoms, post-workout recovery, pain and inflammation, and skin irritations or itching.

Wellness products – topical creams, balms, salves, etc. – as well as supplements, will be the
three biggest categories driving CBD sales in the coming years. Wellness alone is expected to contribute $2.9 billion to the growth of U.S. CBD sales by 2026.

Health and wellness consumers are looking for functional ingredients in all their lifestyle purchases. And the data shows consumers are willing to take advantage of CBD’s benefits in
over-the-counter products rather than in standard medicinal products.

CBD Edibles and Drinkables – Not a Trend to Join

Also driving sales are CBD edibles. With 75% of consumers who’ve tried CBD in the past six
months reporting to have chosen an edible. While edible CBD products such as gummies, chocolates, or water are very popular, they’re not as effective a delivery method as tinctures and can be cost-prohibitive. Despite this scientific data, the CBD food market has grown by 23%.

CBD-infused beverages are looking especially bright. Shelf-stable coffee sales were up 111% while shelf-stable waters and juices grew 66% and 44% respectively. Another interesting category on the rise, nut and seed butter, up 77%. While the trend is good for manufacturers it might not be the best for consumers’ wallets or results. The primary complaints from CBD users are high costs and low CBD potencies. If CBD potency can’t be delivered effectively through foods or beverages, consumers will quickly realize CBD’s best delivery methods currently are still potent tinctures and potent, properly formulated topicals.

Education Needed

Real CBD consumer education will prove especially important as sales spread into more mainstream venues. CBD has an incredible potential to help individuals based on its own
merits and chemical properties. Companies and executives must be willing to be honest with consumers about what CBD can and will do, offer quality products at reasonable prices, and
not turn this amazing new market into the next consumer products gimmick.

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CBD and Autism – Who Uses It and Why?


In a survey sent out by Autism Parenting Magazine to more than 160,000 email subscribers around the world, 18.6% of respondents confirmed they use CBD for a child on the spectrum to help relieve a variety of autism symptoms. Breaking the data down further, 22.16% of USA-based caregivers use CBD versus 14.29% of UK caregivers.

A total of 72.4% of respondents identified themselves as autism parents, while the remaining participants were grandparents, full-time carers, teachers, therapists, doctors, or individuals on the spectrum.

The data revealed 76.3% of participants use CBD only, 13.7% use CBD/THC combination, while the remaining 10% use “Other” forms including Hemp, CBD/THC & Epidiolex (just CBD), and CBD with Terpenes, among others.


When asked to identify the primary reason for using CBD with their child, 42.9% responded with anxiety relief, 36.9% stated challenging behavior, 5.1% said pain relief and inflammation, 8.1% said sleep and relaxation, 4.3% said seizures, while the remaining respondents identified “Other” reasons such as increasing speech and supporting potty training.

A large number of respondents use CBD for a teenager on the spectrum with 21.39% of CBD users confirming their child is aged 13 to 18.

When asked if they started using CBD during the COVID-19 pandemic, a whopping 31.3% said yes. Meanwhile, 16.6% have increased the amount of CBD they give their child since the pandemic began.

Another interesting find was that only 20.1% have adoctor’s  prescription for CBD usage. Despite this, 21.7% reported it was their doctor who recommended trying CBD. Meanwhile, 27.4% were recommended by a friend or family member and 23.6% were recommended by another autistic parent. The remaining respondents selected “Other” with many saying usages stemmed from their own research.

When asked if they would recommend CBD products to other parents on the spectrum, a huge majority of 82.9% said they would.


Oils (oral drops and topical sprays) were the preferred CBD format, with 60.8% of respondents opting to use these. Meanwhile, 21.5% use gummies and topicals, 7.5% use capsules or tablets, 5.1% use lotions or balms, and 1.9% use vape. The remaining respondents selected “Other” options including honey sticks and patches.

Responding to how often they use CBD products, 46.4% said “daily”, 28.6% replied “only occasionally”, 3.6% said “weekly” and the remaining participants gave “Other” responses including mentioning they no longer use CBD or do so infrequently.

It is clear from the survey data, as well as multiple other studies on CBD usage for children on the spectrum, that more and more parents are considering CBD products. Initial results showing the impact of CBD on autistic children are encouraging, with anxiety, challenging behaviors, and sleep issues all appearing to reduce for those that try these products.

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Potent CBD Products – Oral and Topical CBD Dosing


Does everybody need a potent CBD product? Effective CBD dosing varies when it’s
ingested. People can determine their own dosing amounts to help with anxiety, sleep, nausea, or aches and pains. This means you might need a stronger product to reach the dose that offers you the necessary relief. Better to have potent CBD product and not need it, then to need a higher CBD dose and not be able to afford it.

CBD is not absorbed well by the body when eaten. It is absorbed much better sublingually. To get the same amount of CBD in a monthly 5,000 mg tincture, the price of a bottle of CBD gummies would be 2-3 times the tincture price. Or you would have to repurchase the gummies multiple times during the month. High prices and lower effectiveness are why we don’t sell CBD gummies. We’re here to help people, not cheat them.

When it comes to skin issues, the more CBD a topical product contains the better. Do you want a CBD itch relief product that takes away most of the itch or all of the itch? Do you want an eczema ease product that gets rid of 40% of your scales, scabs, and rash, or 95% of your scales, scabs, and rash? Do you want a CBD pain relief cream that helps with the pain or eliminates the pain? A potent CBD topical will help relieve issues much faster than a weaker one. Potent or concentrated CBD is what’s needed when dealing with the inflammation and itch of eczema, psoriasis, and even poison ivy.

Because CBD is non-psychoactive and nonintoxicating you can decide to adjust your oral or topical dosing as needed. This is not an issue because there are no prescribed CBD dosages for anxiety, sleep, nausea, aches and pains, or skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. You take or use what you need or an amount that works. CBD Botanical Therapy wants to be your first-aid CBD company offering you potent CBD products at affordable prices helping treat these issues naturally, safely, and without side effects.

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Hidradenitis Suppurativa – Here is the Solution


Above is a text my friend received from his 20-year-old daughter regarding how our product helped her hidradenitis suppurativa. She told him to share it with us after she used our Eczema Ease on her HS skin condition. Why are we sharing this? Please keep reading.

Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is a chronic skin condition that causes small, painful lumps to form under the skin. The lumps can break open or tunnels can form under the skin. The skin lesions develop as a result of inflammation and infection of sweat glands. This condition features pea- to marble-sized lumps under the skin that can be painful and tend to enlarge and drain pus. The unappealing condition mostly affects areas where the skin rubs together such as the armpits, groin, and buttocks, but can also occur on shoulders, back, and breasts.  There is no cure.

Treatments include 1.) Antibiotics 2.) Acitretin, a retinoid you take by mouth. 3.) Hormonal medications 4.) Metformin, a diabetes drug that can reduce inflammation. 5.) Biologics to suppress the immune system.

She found relief using our topical product Eczema Ease. It works because it contains 12,000 mg of CBD in a 2-ounce bottle. It can be used as needed to help with pain, itching, inflammation, and skin healing with no side effects. Even her dermatologist couldn’t believe how her skin had improved and once told her she would have to suffer from HS forever. If you, family, or friends have similar skin issues and nothing has worked, time to try our CBD first aid

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CBD Heals – Relief for what Ails You

CBD’s skyrocketing popularity isn’t without good reason. As a non-psychoactive component derived from hemp, CBD provides remarkable benefits without harmful side effects or altered states of mind. For many of us suffering from anxiety, insomnia, depression, chronic pain, or epilepsy, CBD serves as a vital alternative to intense and expensive pharmaceuticals. But CBD’s benefits don’t end there.

CBD is also taking off in applications as a topical ointment, providing immediate relief for certain skin conditions such as eczema, acne, and run-of-the-mill dry, itchy skin. With as much as we know about the benefits of CBD today, it’s likely that we’ve only begun to tap the compound’s potential as a holistic, therapeutic alternative. 

So, what can CBD do for you? Well, it depends on what you need it for.


In perhaps its most popular usage, CBD can have rapid, drastic results when used for combatting anxiety. Research into CBD’s potency as an anti-anxiety therapeutic suggests that specific dosages can help balance levels of serotonin. Serotonin is a naturally-occurring neurotransmitter responsible for modulating mood and memory among other functions.

When your serotonin levels stray too far in one direction, you may suffer a similar imbalance to your mood or sense of calm. In this way, CBD can alleviate both anxiety and depression with appropriate dosage tinctures.

For anxiety, try: Premium 2,000mg CBD Tincture

For depression, try: Premium 4,000mg CBD Tincture

Acute & Chronic Inflammation

Bouts of acute inflammation can be nearly debilitating, and chronic inflammation can keep us in pain when we need mobility the most. For both acute and chronic inflammation, CBD can offer a path forward. 

The science is ongoing, but researchers believe that CBD reduces inflammation by targeting certain receptors in the body responsible for pain, mood, and memory. If you suffer from acute or chronic inflammation as the result of an injury, infection, radiochemical course of therapy, or otherwise, CBD tinctures might provide you with some much-needed relief.

For acute Inflammation, try: Premium 3,000mg CBD Tincture

For chronic inflammation, try: Premium 5,000mg CBD Tincture

High Blood Pressure/Hypertension

Nearly half of all US adults exhibit signs of high blood pressure and hypertension. For many, this issue can contribute to harmful and, in some cases, potentially fatal damage to the cardiovascular system. 

CBD can give you an extra layer of protective calm when combined with blood pressure and hypertension medication. CBD also boasts the same mood-leveling effects that make it ideal for treating anxiety and depression—two factors that can exacerbate hypertension.

For high blood pressure/hypertension, try: All dosages of Premium CBD Tinctures

Skin Ailments

Eczema, psoriasis, acne, and other conditions that contribute to frequent skin irritation and rashes can keep us feeling self-conscious about our skin or too busy scratching to enjoy our daily lives. While plenty of ointments, lotions, and oral medications exist to treat these conditions, few offer the immediate relief we need.

CBD, when potent and applied as a cream or oil on the irritated site, can banish the dry skin or flare ups responsible for our discomfort. Relief from pain, swelling, and itching comes swifty with potent CBD topicals along with all the other benefits that the compound provides.

For eczema, try: CBD Eczema Ease Cream

For acne, try: CBD Ache & Soreness Relief Cream

For rashes, try: CBD Itch Away Cream

New Options, New You

CBD Botanical Therapy offers therapeutic CBD products that are suitable for treating numerous symptoms and ailments in people of all ages. The benefits of CBD are nearly too many to list. In addition to the above listed ailments, CBD has also been documented as an alternative treatment for nausea, chronic pain, drug withdrawal, epilepsy, glaucoma, insomnia, muscle spasms, and so many more.

As a bonus therapy on top of prescription drugs, or as an alternative to prescription drugs, CBD’s treatment applications continue to pile up. See how CBD can help you by browsing our line of therapeutic products today.

Here with what you need to heal.

The myths and rumors surrounding CBD have been replaced by research and discussions on the compound’s extensive therapeutic benefits. To learn what CBD can do for you, try one of our premium tinctures or topical creams today. You’ll find something to help you heal in our line of CBD products, all of which are American-made in-house under the direct supervision of our Chief Science Officer. For more information, check out our testimonials page or give us a call at 844-944-4223