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CBD Heals – Relief for what Ails You

CBD’s skyrocketing popularity isn’t without good reason. As a non-psychoactive component derived from hemp, CBD provides remarkable benefits without harmful side effects or altered states of mind. For many of us suffering from anxiety, insomnia, depression, chronic pain, or epilepsy, CBD serves as a vital alternative to intense and expensive pharmaceuticals. But CBD’s benefits don’t end there.

CBD is also taking off in applications as a topical ointment, providing immediate relief for certain skin conditions such as eczema, acne, and run-of-the-mill dry, itchy skin. With as much as we know about the benefits of CBD today, it’s likely that we’ve only begun to tap the compound’s potential as a holistic, therapeutic alternative. 

So, what can CBD do for you? Well, it depends on what you need it for.


In perhaps its most popular usage, CBD can have rapid, drastic results when used for combatting anxiety. Research into CBD’s potency as an anti-anxiety therapeutic suggests that specific dosages can help balance levels of serotonin. Serotonin is a naturally-occurring neurotransmitter responsible for modulating mood and memory among other functions.

When your serotonin levels stray too far in one direction, you may suffer a similar imbalance to your mood or sense of calm. In this way, CBD can alleviate both anxiety and depression with appropriate dosage tinctures.

For anxiety, try: Premium 2,000mg CBD Tincture

For depression, try: Premium 4,000mg CBD Tincture

Acute & Chronic Inflammation

Bouts of acute inflammation can be nearly debilitating, and chronic inflammation can keep us in pain when we need mobility the most. For both acute and chronic inflammation, CBD can offer a path forward. 

The science is ongoing, but researchers believe that CBD reduces inflammation by targeting certain receptors in the body responsible for pain, mood, and memory. If you suffer from acute or chronic inflammation as the result of an injury, infection, radiochemical course of therapy, or otherwise, CBD tinctures might provide you with some much-needed relief.

For acute Inflammation, try: Premium 3,000mg CBD Tincture

For chronic inflammation, try: Premium 5,000mg CBD Tincture

High Blood Pressure/Hypertension

Nearly half of all US adults exhibit signs of high blood pressure and hypertension. For many, this issue can contribute to harmful and, in some cases, potentially fatal damage to the cardiovascular system. 

CBD can give you an extra layer of protective calm when combined with blood pressure and hypertension medication. CBD also boasts the same mood-leveling effects that make it ideal for treating anxiety and depression—two factors that can exacerbate hypertension.

For high blood pressure/hypertension, try: All dosages of Premium CBD Tinctures

Skin Ailments

Eczema, psoriasis, acne, and other conditions that contribute to frequent skin irritation and rashes can keep us feeling self-conscious about our skin or too busy scratching to enjoy our daily lives. While plenty of ointments, lotions, and oral medications exist to treat these conditions, few offer the immediate relief we need.

CBD, when potent and applied as a cream or oil on the irritated site, can banish the dry skin or flare ups responsible for our discomfort. Relief from pain, swelling, and itching comes swifty with potent CBD topicals along with all the other benefits that the compound provides.

For eczema, try: CBD Eczema Ease Cream

For acne, try: CBD Ache & Soreness Relief Cream

For rashes, try: CBD Itch Away Cream

New Options, New You

CBD Botanical Therapy offers therapeutic CBD products that are suitable for treating numerous symptoms and ailments in people of all ages. The benefits of CBD are nearly too many to list. In addition to the above listed ailments, CBD has also been documented as an alternative treatment for nausea, chronic pain, drug withdrawal, epilepsy, glaucoma, insomnia, muscle spasms, and so many more.

As a bonus therapy on top of prescription drugs, or as an alternative to prescription drugs, CBD’s treatment applications continue to pile up. See how CBD can help you by browsing our line of therapeutic products today.

Here with what you need to heal.

The myths and rumors surrounding CBD have been replaced by research and discussions on the compound’s extensive therapeutic benefits. To learn what CBD can do for you, try one of our premium tinctures or topical creams today. You’ll find something to help you heal in our line of CBD products, all of which are American-made in-house under the direct supervision of our Chief Science Officer. For more information, check out our testimonials page or give us a call at 844-944-4223

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