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CBD and SEX – Does it Work?


You see a lot of gimmicky CBD products nowadays. CBD that causes sleep. CBD that creates energy. CBD water and BD gummies.  And no product is more ridiculous from a science and physics standpoint than CBD as a sexual lubricant or sexual aid. CBD and or THC can create a sense of calm and relaxation when ingested.  Both of these pleasure states can add to the pleasure of intimacy.

But cannabinoids are extremely sticky.  Alcohol or acetone are needed to remove them off hands and to clean equipment and surfaces that come in contact with them. Get some CBD or THC on a lab coat or a pair of slacks and it’s on there for good. This is why it doesn’t make ANY sense that adding it to a sexual lubricant would improve your experience.”  While I’ve only read about sex in Playboy :O) I think you want things to be pretty slippery down there for both parties to enjoy it.  Adding a cannabinoid with the slipperiness of super glue mixed with coconut oil doesn’t make any sense.

Cannabinoids are sticky. They make other things sticky. Please do not be fooled into thinking topical cannabinoids will help with passion or reduce friction. They won’t. Applying them topically (anywhere) doesn’t offer the same relaxing, calming benefits of oral ingestion. And you’ll need to consistently ingest a good amount of CBD to notice stress reduction or the relaxing benefits. That’s why we don’t make CBD gummies, CBD water, CBD coffee, CBD gum, or any other gimmick CBD products. We make affordable 2000 mg, 3000 mg, 4000 mg and 5000 mg CBD tinctures. The key to CBD is potency and affordability regardless if it’s applied topically or ingested orally. And irrespective if you’re a man or woman, for the best absorption we suggest holding the CBD oil under your tongue not between your legs. Have a great day.