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Water Soluble CBD

Water-soluble CBD products haven’t truly been tested for efficacy and proper or sufficient dose delivery. Sophisticated cannabis doctors and scientists such as Ethan Russa, M.D. are still a bit skeptical about water-soluble CBD. Being able to deliver CBD or any supplements effectively in water would be great. Yet based on the current amount of knowledge and research regarding CBD, water is still not the best or most effective delivery method. This is because large CBD dose delivery and body absorption and utilization using water are price prohibitive until science and manufacturing can make it possible and economical. Plus, CBD doesn’t dissolve well in water even using a variety of emulsion techniques. Therefore, doctors and researchers still haven’t agreed water is the best method of delivery. It’s certainly not as effective as vaping CBD or using a CBD tincture sublingually which simply means diffusing CBD into the bloodstream through tissues under the tongue.