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CBD Dosage: How Much CBD Should I Take?


One of the primary questions asked about CBD is dosing. How much CBD should I take? How often should I take CBD?

There’s a saying in the CBD and THC industry, start low and go slow. In our opinion, this applies only to THC not CBD. Why do I say that? Some people who’ve used or tried THC usually eat too much and have had a bad experience. This is because while THC is very good at reducing pain and inflammation, THC is also intoxicating. Use too much and the feeling of euphoria fades as the mind becomes overactive. This is because THC is very stimulating to the brain. You can’t overdose or die from too much THC since it doesn’t affect the areas of the brain that control your heart or breathing. Therefore, you’re in no danger but it can make your mind race and this is when people imagine all sorts of horrible things happening to them.

Like THC, CBD is a very effective cannabinoid at helping with pain, inflammation, and a variety of neurological issues. But CBD is a weak molecule and for it to be effective in the body it needs to be taken in higher doses. Many companies don’t understand this and don’t make potent products. Or if they make potent products, they’re so expensive it’s another monthly bill. Many people have tried CBD and noticed the benefits but weren’t completely sold. The benefits weren’t significant because the products they used didn’t contain much CBD or they didn’t take enough. This is why our tinctures start at 2000 mg CBD and go to 5000 mg CBD per ounce. And our pain cream has 3000 mg of CBD while our eczema product has 6000 mg CBD per ounce. We typically suggest people try one of our potent tinctures to see if CBD offers any relief or benefit. If it does, wonderful! Then they can begin to lower their dosage to see what their lowest effective dosage is enabling them to take less and spend less. What dose would I suggest? At least 50-75 mg of CBD twice a day placed under the tongue and held for 2 -3 minutes. If you purchase another manufacturer’s less potent product and have to take more to notice benefits then it becomes cost-prohibitive to receive the full benefits of CBD. And price and potency shouldn’t stand in the way of feeling better.

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