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Affordable CBD


Searching online for an affordable CBD supplier? If so, you’ve come to the right place. CBD Botanical Therapy has been an established producer of the highest quality CBD products for almost a decade. These days it can be quite difficult for customers to sift through all the questionable online sources available for CBD, but our consistent and numerous returning customers show how strong our products are.

It’s reasonable to think that with the low prices of our items, the quality must be lacking. It’s often true that low prices correlate with a poor grade of product, but sometimes there’s an exception to be made. While lab testing is currently not a requirement for CBD products, it’s a practice that we are very serious about, and all of our products undergo thorough testing before going on the market. Our Chief Science Officer Wayne Kornreich has a Ph.D. in chemistry and over 30 years of experience working for some very well-known pharmaceutical companies that would never sell an inferior product, and at CBD Botanical Therapy we won’t either. The team here has very rigid standards for our brand and merchandise.

We completely understand that our customers are looking for CBD to use for therapeutic reasons – whether to help with pain management, sleep disorders, mental health, skin conditions, or many other ailments. Unfortunately, most health insurance and prescription drug plans will not cover the costs associated with CBD therapy. With that in mind, some of the ways we’re able to provide more affordable options to our customers are:

  • free shipping within the USA for orders over $65
  • generous return policy if the product doesn’t work out
  • product is more concentrated so it will last longer
  • no THC in our CBD products
  • uniform, simple packaging to save on overhead costs