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Marijuana Edibles: THC Gummies & THC Chocolates


There’s a saying when taking THC, start low and go slow. This is especially true when eating products that contain THC. Some people who’ve eaten THC eat too much and have had a bad experience. This is because while THC is very good at reducing pain and inflammation, THC is also intoxicating. Use too much and the feeling of euphoria fades as the mind become very active. This is because THC is very stimulating to the brain. You can’t overdose or die from too much THC since it doesn’t affect the areas of the brain that control your heart rate or breathing. Therefore, you’re in no danger but it can make your mind race and this is when people imagine all sorts of horrible things happening to them.

Usually when people are eating THC is when they get into trouble. This is because when you eat foods containing THC, the THC is digested, passed through the liver, and is converted to a more powerful intoxicant or a psychoactive chemical called 11-hydroxy-THC. This is what causes people to get “stoned” after eating an edible. This is because when THC is eaten it takes 20-30 minutes for it to begin working and requires 90 minutes for the full effects. And this is where people get into trouble. They take a gummy or a bite of a brownie, wait 15 minutes, think it’s not working, and eat another gummy or brownie bite, and now they’ve eaten too much as the THC and 11-hydroxy-THC begin to work. About 2 mg of THC is the limit where psychoactivity begins for a new user when eaten. If you take it 20 minutes before you eat you’ll probably experience effects in about 60 minutes. If you take 2 mg after a meal you might notice the pain-relieving properties without the euphoria. Therefore, start low and go slow applies to THC especially when eating it.

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