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Does CBN (Cannabinol) Make You Sleepy?


Does CBN make you sleepy? Search the internet for CBN, also called Cannabinol, and most companies will mention sleep. Remember CBD is cannabidiol not cannabinol. One of the better known “minor” cannabinoids, CBN is created from the breakdown of THC which occurs as cannabis ages. CBN is widely marketed as a sleep aid that promotes sedation. However, this assertion is not supported by the scientific literature. A point made explicit in an August 2021 review in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research during eight higher-quality studies published between 1945 and 2021. “There is insufficient published evidence to support sleep-related claims,” writes Jamie Corroon of San Diego’s Center for Medical Cannabis Education. “Randomized controlled trials are needed to substantiate claims made by manufacturers of cannabis products containing CBN. Individuals seeking cannabis-derived sleep aids should be skeptical of CBN manufacturers’ claims of sleep-promoting effects.”

While this finding doesn’t definitively prove CBN is useless as a sleep aid, it likely points to one of two possibilities: either any claim CBN is associated with better sleep is totally bogus, or any benefit is actually a byproduct of other characteristics of the CBN cannabis such as THC content, different terpene profiles, the presence of flavonoids, how the CBN is ingested, different CBN potencies, other cannabinoids present (CBD, CBDA, THC, THCA, etc.) or a combination of all these factors.

CBN making you sleepy is inaccurate information that hasn’t been substantiated by controlled clinical scientific studies is a topic we’ve mentioned in prior newsletters and blogs. Be aware of the real benefits CBD, CBN or other cannabinoids provide. Don’t be fooled by unethical marketing. CBN causing sleepiness is incorrect just as claims that CBD increases energy or benefits as a sexual aid are incorrect. It’s important to know the benefits of CBD. They include helping to decrease pain and inflammation when applied topically and ingested orally. Releasing dopamine and serotonin helping with stress, relaxation, anxiety, blood pressure, PTSD and ADD when taken orally. And helping with skin irritations when applied topically. And possibly helping with neurologic issues like spasticity or seizures when ingested in large enough doses. ~Steve

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