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5000mg CBD tincture


CBD (cannabidiol) oil is a natural, active ingredient from the hemp plant and it contains no psychoactive effects so it is safe for consumption in people of all ages, as well as animals. At CBD Botanical Therapy we have many products for sale including a broad spectrum 5000mg CBD tincture, our best value item. This product is all-natural and organic, and it doesn’t contain any additives such as caffeine, hormones, or sugars. CBD oil is a very effective product for treating many different medical conditions including aches and pain, inflammation, stress and anxiety, nausea, insomnia, PTSD, and eczema.

We highly recommend this tincture to anyone searching for CBD oil for therapeutic uses. There are many ways to consume or absorb CBD oil including pill formats, topicals such as creams or lotions, and edibles like gummies or drinks. However, using our tincture is the superior choice for the simple reason that the absorption rate of a CBD tincture is about 40% which is much higher than other options. In contrast, CBD edibles have an absorption rate of about 10%.

Tinctures are fantastic because they’re designed for maximum absorption if using a sublingual delivery method. To use the tincture properly you just apply your dosage to the space underneath your tongue and hold it there for about a minute or two before swallowing it. This is the preferable method of ingesting the tincture because it can be absorbed into your bloodstream right away, bypassing your body’s digestion process, and more of the medication will be utilized by your tissues as well. It also works much faster than traditional methods that engage the digestive system.

Our 5000mg CBD tincture is a highly concentrated, broad-spectrum formula derived from premium organic hemp seeds. It’s the ideal treatment for the relief of many health symptoms that have shown to be effectively reduced with a regular CBD oil regimen. With 5000mg per 1-ounce bottle, this concentration is optimal for managing the most persistent symptoms of your chronic medical issues.