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CBD Therapy

Have you been getting enough sleep lately?
Most of us are aware that getting plenty of good-quality sleep is important for our health and well-being, but did you know that 35% of adult Americans are sleeping for less than 7 hours per night? Poor sleep is one of the main reasons that many people are interested in trying CBD therapy. Used on a regular basis, CBD can make a big difference in your quality of sleep.

How does CBD help?
The most common causes of insomnia include anxiety, depression, and physical discomfort or pain. CBD is effective in helping people with these conditions because it acts as a sedative by reducing stress levels and providing some mild pain relief. If taken 30 minutes to an hour before bed, it can help you fall asleep faster and have fewer disruptions through the night.

Those who work shift work or experience jet lag due to traveling can also benefit from using CBD. When you know that you’re more likely to have issues falling asleep, simply take your dose about an hour before the time you wish to go to bed.

The importance of bedtime routines
Parents know that having a lot of structure around bedtime is integral for kids to get enough rest and minimize emotional conflicts. But somehow as people get older it becomes less of a priority. Work schedules, family responsibilities, and even phone notifications are some of the factors that divert us from maintaining good sleep hygiene.

For anyone that often struggles to get a good night’s sleep, try sticking to a healthy bedtime routine that includes shutting off all screens, reducing sensory distractions such as noise and bright lights, and making sure the ambient temperature of your bedroom is comfortable. And if you haven’t tried CBD therapy for improving the amount and quality of your sleep, check out our available products.

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