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We understand your interest and confusion. CBD is a new market segment and most of the products on the market are expensive and promise to do everything. To keep things simple, CBD is used to help reduce your aches & pains, help you remain more relaxed & centered, and help you stay asleep by calming and relaxing your mind. CBD Botanical Therapy has been manufacturing products for 6 years. We’re not as large as other CBD manufactures that private label, sponsor athletes, or offer MLM/network marketing businesses. And we don’t have as much overhead or expenses allowing us to offer more CBD at lower prices. And as American companies in all industries give consumers less and charge them more, we have lowered our prices while adding more CBD to our products. Giving you more while charging less. CBD works and we want people to try it enabling them to receive its benefits.

Wayne Kornreich, Ph.D. - Chief Science Officer

Wayne has over 30 years of experience as an organic chemist with companies including Pfizer Pharmaceutical, The Salk Institute, and Johnson & Johnson. His knowledge of chemistry, research, proper laboratory procedures & manufacturing are an incredible asset to CBD Botanical Therapy & ensures safe and effective products are always produced. Wayne is the holder of six patents & author or co-author of sixteen scientific publications and is continually evaluating therapeutic options & potentially viable applications for CBD products to help our customers. Wayne’s wife also has a Ph.D. in chemistry & teaches at a local college.

Jeannette Fossett – Vice President Operations

Jeannette has been a C-suite executive for thirty years. Because of her character, experience, maturity, and commitment to excellence she was a natural fit for our company. Her motto of, “CBD is legal, now it needs to become professional” is the motto of our company. Her knowledge of packaging, business, sales, customer service & satisfaction are invaluable in helping us provide the best products possible.

Stephen Turano – Chief Executive Office

Steve has thirty years of experience in the private sector including insurance, health & wellness, medical staffing, manufacturing & consumer goods. His goal is to guarantee CBD Botanical Therapy spends the additional time, research & capital to guarantee products are of the highest quality & efficacy to best serve the public & ensure 100% customer satisfaction. CBD Botanical Therapy regularly offer consulting services to consumers, attorneys, doctors, investors, cannabis distributors, investment firms, patients, & entrepreneurs interested in products & the industry. Feel free to call if you have a question. We help all CBD customers not just ours. Contact Steve directly at (844) 944-4223

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